Wakkanai Sushi

Wakkanai is a Japanese word for a cold river with potable water. Likewise in Lapland there are fell highland streams with fresh water. Wakkanai is also Japan´s northernmost city located on the island of Hokkaido. Similarly, Rovaniemi is now Finland´s northernmost city with a sushi restaurant open all-year-round.

Our restaurant flavours Japanese-style meals partly using Lappish ingredients. Respecting sushi traditions, we prepare all our meals ourselves from scratch. Culinary pleasure flows free like a wild stream!
Welcome - Kangei 稚内

Opening hours

Monday- Friday 16 - 22

Saturday 14 - 22

Sunday- Closed


Take away

Orders: 040 508 8282

On Weekends and during peak hours preparing time about 1 h. 
Online Take away coming soon...!